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Coffee Machine

●  Power on the machine with the switch on the right-hand side of the machine

●  If your appliance is not working please ensure it is plugged in correctly and the powerboard hasn't tripped, to un trip the powerboard click in the button on the side

●  Make sure the water tank on the back of the machine is full

●  Lift the silver lever on top of the machine and place your pod in the machine

●  Select your desired coffee setting using the buttons on top

     (a) Long black (left)

     (b) Short black (right)

●  Wait for the coffee machine to completely stop before removing the cup

●  The coffee machine does not have a milk frothing attachment please add milk as desired after the coffee is finished

●  Please remember to empty the used coffee pod bin if it fills up

●  If you need more pods please contact reception

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