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●  Using the dial on the left-hand side select your cooking method

●  Use the middle dial to select your temperature

●  Using the dial on the right you can set a timer

●  When finished cooking reset all dials back to 0

● Housekeeping will line the tray with foil before your check-in as part of their cleaning procedure, please keep the oven clean going forward


●  To use your stove top there is a switch on the cabinet to the left of the oven labelled “Hob” Switch this on to power your stovetop

●  Press the power button on the bottom left-hand corner of the stove top

●  Place your pan on the stove in the circle and the stove top will automatically power that section of the stove

●  Control the temperature using the + - buttons


●  Please note rooms with an oven are equipped with an exhaust fan, please pull it out to turn it on while cooking, settings for lights and fan speeds are located on the sides

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