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●  Turn the machine on using the on/off button

●  Your washing powder is located in the cupboard under the sink in a container labelled

●  Put your washing powder in the leftmost pocket of the drawer

●  Select your washing program using the dial

●  Select the temperature and speed using the buttons on the control panel

●  Press start, starting washing will lock the door until the cycle has been completed


Each room will have a clothes rack in the cupboard that can be folded out to dry your clothes on


Our superior rooms feature a tumble dryer To use the machine

●  Put your wet washing in the dryer and power on the machine

●  Use the dry temp button to select the temperature

●  Select the dryer function on the left-hand side of the control panel

●  Use the start/pause button to start drying

*If your appliance is not working please ensure it is plugged in correctly and the powerboard hasn't tripped, to un trip the powerboard click in the button on the side

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